Latest Projects – Winter


Photos by Norton Gusky – Creative Commons License

In the fall of  2013 I joined the South Fayette School District team as an outreach coordinator to share their STEAM computational thinking model with two other schools – the Fort Cherry School District and the Manchester Academic Charter School. The project for the winter focuses on the eTextiles with elementary, middle, and high school students. So far the buzz has been great. Teachers are using the eTextiles to teach units on Circuits and Fashion.

I help to coordinate several other events in the Pittsburgh region. For 15 years I’ve worked on the Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference (TRETC). The Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference  took place on November 19 and 20 at the Four Points Sheraton in Cranberry hitting new records for attendees and vendor participation.  This year Zee Poerio, the PAECT teacher of the year, discovered the Sit With Me project, and made the Red Chair the star of the event.

I work with Zulama, a Pittsburgh based company. Zulama offers a game-based program for K-12 schools. I’m part of a team that provides professional development for educators learning about the Zulama Entertainment Technology Academy. In December 2013 I joined Bev Vailencourt and Mary Wilson, two of the other Zulama team members for a training session. We had people come not only from the Pittsburgh region, but from Ohio and a straggler from Prince Edward Island.

As the culmination of a series of activities using Scratch students from South Fayette, Fort Cherry, and the Manchester Academic Charter School joined together for a GameJam. The students (and adults) were challenged to design a Rube Goldberg contraption that used Scratch to move a steel ball from device to device. It’s amazing what happens when bring together kids from rural, suburban, and urban neighborhoods to work on a collaborative project.

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